The History of Christmas
 Christ, Claus and the evolution of our most popular holiday

History of Santa Claus
Christmas Trivia
Christmas traditions
Christmas History

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Christmas history


Christmas History
Explore the History of Christmas beginning with its roots - and earlier. This  'winter holiday' has been the subject of many an argument  for 2000 years. Whether religious or not, you'll find common ground and a number of 'surprises' to what we may have been taught about this popular holiday.

  Before Christ
Nativity history
Birth of Jesus
King Herod
Old Christmas Day
Christmas in America
History of Hanukkah

Christmas traditions by country


Christmas Traditions by Country
Enjoy the Christmas festivities from around the world.  Throughout the centuries each country, region and ethnic group has established and carried on  their own diverse set of customs and traditions.

The history of Santa Claus
Santa Claus


Santa Claus History
Pre-Saint Nicholas to Modern Day Santa.  Take a closer look at the evolution of this Jolly old elf and all who played a roll in making Santa Claus what he is today.

  Saint Nicholas
The evolution begins

Santa Claus in America

Clement Moore
Thomas Nast
Hadon Sundblom

Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus
Christmas trivia and origins
Origins & Trivia

Christmas Origins & Trivia...
Who came up with THAT one?  From flying reindeer, rudolph's red nose, Mrs. Claus and candy canes to that whole 'kissing under the mistletoe' thing,... uncover the mysteries here!


12 days of Christmas
History of Advent
Candy Cane
Christmas Carols
Christmas Rose
Christmas Star
Christmas Stockings
Christmas trees

Fruitcake and foods
Christmas Gifts
Yule log
Ivy and laurel
Glastonbury thorn
Christmas quotes
'Merry Christmas'
North pole
Mrs. Claus
Letters to Santa
Snacks for Santa

Christmas books
Christmas Books

Christmas Books
A selection of our Christmas favorites, from the History of Christmas and the history of Santa Claus to a number of Christmas classics - several 'must-reads' for all Christmas historians, Santa believers, and those wanting a broader view of the history of our most popular holiday.

History of Christmas

Christmas Classics

History of Santa Claus

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